About Ruhama

About Ruhama

Ruhama is an Irish NGO and registered charity that offers nationwide support to women impacted by prostitution, sex trafficking and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation.

Founded in 1989, our organisation has extensive expertise in providing a wide range of specialist, holistic support services. Our services are free, confidential and delivered by a committed and experienced team.

Ruhama also advocates and engages in policy work on issues related to prostitution, sex trafficking and the experiences of the women we work with.

Providing support

We are the only specialist, frontline NGO in Ireland working specifically to support women, including transgender women, who:

  • are actively involved in prostitution
  • are seeking to exit (leave) prostitution
  • are victims of sex trafficking
  • have a past experience of prostitution/sex trafficking.

Our services

Our services are varied, free and confidential. We run a person-centred model of support based on each woman’s personal needs and priorities. You do not need to speak English, have a visa or want to exit prostitution to use our services.

Advocating and campaigning

In addition to our frontline services to women, we also advocate and campaign for better social, political and legal measures to address the systems and conditions that lead to, and perpetuate, the prostitution and sex trafficking of women and girls.

We are committed to raising awareness, challenging gender inequality and gender-based  violence, and to improving the lives of all women and girls. See our recent campaigns for more information.



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