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Ruhama offers free and confidential support to women impacted by prostitution and victims of sex trafficking at any time in their lives. Find out more about who we help and how we can support you.


Ruhama can offer support across many areas, including

Casework – a key worker will help you with accessing any supports you may need and achieving your goals.

Counselling –  you can meet with a trained counsellor to talk, improve your mental health and enhance your coping skills.

Outreach – we can make an appointment with you outside of the ​office, should it be safe to do so.

Education and development – we can support you with education and learning, personal, and professional development.

Employment – we can support you with your employment journey including job searching, interview skills, internships and more.

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If you have any questions, you can email [email protected] or contact us using the details below.



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