Common questions

Common Questions about Ruhama

  • What is an NGO?

    NGO stands for ‘Non Governmental Organisation’. An NGO is an organisation that operates independently from the government. Ruhama is run on a not for profit basis and offers support to women affected by prostitution and sex trafficking in Ireland. 
  • Who does Ruhama support?

    We offer free and confidential support to women affected by prostitution or sex trafficking in Ireland. 
    • Are you or have you been escorting in Ireland?
    • Are you selling sex and worried about your safety?
    • Have you ever been forced to do prostitution in Ireland or abroad?  
    • Are you being pimped or controlled by someone else?
    • Have you been selling sexual services on the street or in a massage parlour, a brothel, a hotel or an apartment block?
    • Are you or have you been ‘touring’ around Ireland? 
    • Ever had sex for a place to sleep, food, gifts or goods?
    • Done webcamming, phone sex, lapdancing or pornography?
    If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, we’re here to help you in whatever way we can. 
  • What kind of services does Ruhama offer?

    We provide free & confidential support to women including:
    • Information about your rights 
    • Help dealing with the police 
    • Legal, medical and immigration support
    • Help with housing and social welfare
    • Assistance with education, training and finding a job
    • Counselling and relaxation therapies 
    • Help with any drug or alcohol problems
    • Access to free condoms and lube 
  • How can I be confident that Ruhama will be a useful service for me?

    We are the only specialist frontline organisation helping women affected by prostitution in Ireland and have developed a skilled, professional team to support women’s needs. 

    Find out more about how we can help by reading the stories of women who have been supported by Ruhama.

Getting support

  • How much does it cost to get support from Ruhama?

    Our service is 100% FREE and confidential. Find out more.
  • I have no credit on my phone. Can Ruhama call me?

    Yes. Text the word ‘REACH’ to 50100 and we will call you back. This message is free to send.
  • Do I need a visa to get support from Ruhama?

    No. You do not need a visa to get support from us. We may also be able to help you with any immigration issues you might have.
  • I don’t speak English. Can Ruhama help me?

    Yes. Our team speak a number of different languages. We’ll also provide a translator if necessary.
  • Do I have to want to leave prostitution to get Ruhama’s help?

    No. We help anyone affected by prostitution whether or not they wish to leave. Exiting is not  a requirement for using our service.
  • Can I get sexual health supplies, like condoms & lube from you?

    Yes. Talk to our team at Ruhama and we will give you free  condoms and lube.
  • Do you only provide support to women?

    Ruhama is a women’s organisation and a safe space for women, including transgender  women. We do also support a number of men each year who seek our assistance.  We’re  here for anyone who might need support, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.  
  • How can I contact Ruhama?

    Contact us by calling 01 836 0292, email [email protected] or send us a FREE text with the word REACH to 50100 and we’ll call you back. 
  • What is the first thing that happens when I contact Ruhama?

    Our team will contact you by phone, discuss your immediate needs and whether you would like to meet with someone for more support. They will arrange an appointment for you. 


  • I need help right now. What can I do?

    If you are urgently in need of support and worried about your safety, please get in touch with the Gardai (police) or medical support (ambulance) by calling 999 or 112. Find your local police station here. This is a free call.
  • I have been assaulted. What should I do?

    Please get in touch with the Gardai (police) or medical support (ambulance) by calling 999 or 112. Find your local police station here. If you would like support in reporting this assault,  get in touch with our team here.
  • I’m an independent escort. What can you do for me?

    We offer varied support services to women who are currently selling sexual services in Ireland. You might be interested in what courses we have on offer. Maybe you just want to  talk to someone. Either way, our team are here to help. Read more about our services here.
  • I move around Ireland a lot. How can I get support?

    Text REACH to 50100 and our team will let you know more about how they can help.    
  • I’m struggling with drugs or alcohol and need help.

    We offer addiction support at Ruhama and referrals to services that can help you detox or stabilise. If you are not sure if you have a drug or alcohol problem, Ruhama staff are trained  to carry out brief assessments and look out for signs of misuse in order to provide  information and make referrals to drug intervention services.  Talk to our team for more  information
  • A client is blackmailing me or stalking me. What do I do?

    Our team are trained to offer you advice on this and can assist you in reporting harassment,  including stalking or blackmail.  If you’re  concerned about your immediate safety, please get in touch with the Gardai (police) by calling 999. Find your local police station here. If you would like support in reporting this assault, get in touch with our team here.


  • What is prostitution?

    Prostitution is the selling of sexual services in exchange for money or some other benefit, for example – housing, gifts, goods.
  • Is prostitution legal in Ireland?

    It is not illegal to sell sex. It is illegal to buy sex in Ireland as of 2017. Human trafficking, pimping, brothel keeping & other activities related to organised prostitution are also illegal.
  • My landlord has asked me for sex to pay my rent. Is this legal?

    No. Buying sex is illegal in Ireland and a landlord requesting sexual services as ‘payment’ is  not legal.  Call our team for assistance with this.

Text REACH to 50100 for FREE, and get FREE confidential support. Or call us for free on 1800 020202 today.