Who we help

Is Ruhama for you?

  • Ever had sex for money (e.g. escorting, on-street, massage, dominatrix)?
  • Ever had sex for a place to sleep, food, drugs, gifts or other goods?
  • Done webcamming, phone sex, lap-dancing or porn?
  • Have you been tricked or forced into prostitution?

Who we support: 

  • Women involved in prostitution now who plan to continue
  • Women involved in prostitution now who would like to leave
  • Women no longer involved, but who have been affected by prostitution in the past
  • Women who have been in prostitution in Ireland or any other country
  • Women who are victims of sex trafficking
  • Transwomen involved in the sex trade

We also support a very small number of men each every year on a case by case basis, yet the vast majority of those we support are women.

Find out more about the support services we offer here.


  • Our service is free and confidential
  • We are an independent NGO (non-governmental organisation)
  • You DO NOT need a visa (or immigration permission) to use our services
  • You DO NOT need to speak English to use our services
  • Our office is based in Dublin but we help women affected by prostitution nationwide
  • We have decades of experience supporting women’s needs and different circumstances


Ruhama will:

  • Treat you with respect
  • Listen to you and your individual needs
  • Be open, honest and inclusive
  • Respect the choices you make
  • Respect your confidentiality.


Download our support materials here: 



Text REACH to 50100 for FREE, and get FREE confidential support. Or call us on 01 836 0292 today.