Ruhama has devised and designed a number of training courses which we deliver to a variety of different frontline sectors relating to prostitution, sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

The training is based on the needs of the frontline services. It is developed using the latest research, updates on legislation and policy, and all training sessions are fully informed by the service users of Ruhama.

Ruhama currently offers the following training options

‘Know Sex-Trafficking’ – a two day certified training course which focuses on recognising the signs of human trafficking and developing trauma informed responses.

‘Safety in Truth’ – A training session which looks at the harsh realities of the sex trade, the legislation which surrounds it and what active response care looks like for those currently effected by prostitution/trading sex for drugs/sexual exploitation.

‘Conflict & Crisis’ – a training session designed as a response to the war in Ukraine which explains the impact and the risk of sexual exploitation to women & children as a result of the conflict.  The training is also applicable to any conflict & crisis situation.

Third Level Institutions

Ruhama delivers guest lectures to third level students on the invitation from academic Dept. Lecturers. Ruhama has established of annual guest lectures delivered at a number of Third level Institutions.

Bespoke Training

Ruhama delivers bespoke training, information sessions and workshops on prostitution and sex trafficking to a variety of professionals including teachers. We will work with your organisation or school to establish your particular knowledge gaps and training needs and tailor your training session accordingly. We can also adapt our training sessions to multi-stakeholder audiences.

Training for An Garda Síochána

Ruhama provides specialised training to An Garda Síochána.  This training enhances members’ understanding of the profile, vulnerabilities and risks experienced by those effected by sex trade, and offers practical, victim-centred tools to support Gardaí in responding proactively and empathetically to anyone effected or trafficked into the sex trade who may need their support.

We deliver training to hundreds of professionals from diverse areas such as social work, migrant support, drug support, criminal justice, health, education, youth work, technology and the corporate world.  We run sessions throughout the year and if you like to register your interest and find out more, email us on [email protected]

To find out more about our bespoke professional training, get in touch with us on  [email protected].

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