Call for increased government support & protection during pandemic

26 March 2020

Protection & support for an invisible minority

On behalf of our service-users, we have written to all members of the Oireachtas to call on them to ensure that women affected by prostitution and sex trafficking are protected and supported throughout the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While we continue to provide our services remotely, there are issues which must be addressed at the government level to prevent an already marginalised group from falling further through the cracks.

Already exposed to violence, abuse and harm, women affected by the sex-trade now face increased risk. Some women are still being forced to engage with so-called ‘sex-buyers.’ Many who have decided not to engage in prostitution have no access to viable, alternative income or safe housing. Victims of trafficking are coping with trauma in Direct Provision centres and are now without any means to socially-distance themselves or self-isolate.

You can read about the issues and our recommendations to address them here:


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