Counselling and Psychotherapy

It’s good to talk. You may have experienced trauma in your life as an adult or as a child.  You may be experiencing stress or depression or just finding it difficult to cope with life.  Ruhama can arrange for you to meet with a trained counsellor to talk, improve your mental health and enhance your coping skills. 

We offer a wide range of therapeutic approaches to meet the needs of our service users. Therapists in Ruhama are made up of staff and volunteers. All of the team understand the nature of trauma and the impact it has on individuals. All are accredited with a relevant governing body. We offer support in the following areas, amongst others:

  • Capacity building
  • Adverse event support
  • Coping mechanisms for daily life
  • Trauma therapy

Contact us to find out more about the counselling and psychotherapy practice at Ruhama.

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