Education programmes

If you’re interested in learning, exploring your potential and improving your skills, our educational programmes might be a fit for you. Our Education & Development Programme taps into the skills and talents you already have, strengthening these and helping you to plan for your future as you gain further skills.  

The Programme offers:

  • English language and English literacy skills
  • Maths/numeracy skills
  • IT skills 
  • Study skills and study support 
  • Education grants
  • Third-level preparation 
  • Career guidance counselling
  • Interview skills 
  • CV and cover letter design and development
  • Support with course and job applications 
  • Professional coaching

It doesn’t matter what level of education you already have, there is something for you in this programme. As well as one-to-one tuition, Ruhama also run specialist group courses designed to help build your self-confidence and give you the tools for making positive steps in your life. 

These courses include:

  • STEPS (Steps to Excellence for Personal Success) – this course strengthens participants’ confidence to work towards building the lives they want to lead
  • Shaping Your Future – this course provides participants with the tools and skills necessary to support job-seeking and their professional development
  • Computer/IT Skills
  • Capacitar – means ‘to empower’ in Spanish.  The focus is on taking power to become well, to overcome trauma, to heal, to transform. 

Contact us to find out more about any area of our Education & Development Programme.

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