Education and Development

We believe education can give you the power to change your life and your world for the better. We can support you to move from where you are now to where you would like to be in the areas of education and learning, personal, and professional development.  We offer you opportunities to set your own unique learning goals and we work with you to achieve them.

Our Education and Development Service offers:

  • Progression Planning
    • We work with you to develop your own progression plan and to review it as you move forward.  You will have opportunities to learn more about your interests, skills, and potential
    • We help you to identify your education needs. This might include getting information and guidance on education options, getting support to apply to other education services, or helping to develop your career path.
  • Individual Classes
    • You can work with a tutor to improve specific skills such as learning English, improving your reading, writing or technology skills, getting study support if you are doing a college course or  starting an artistic/creative activity 
  • Group Programmes
    • You can take group classes (on-site or online) in areas like computer skills training, Preparing for College workshops, or Education Information events

Ruhama can also provide practical support to you in accessing education and development opportunities. Ruhama also offers many other education and career-related workshops, and a range of health and wellbeing activities throughout the year.

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