But aren’t we always paying for sex in some way?

10 July 2019

This is an antiquated view that has informed attitudes toward sex for some time and that has resulted in a distorted, unhealthy picture of sexual relations between men and women, where one party is the ‘gatekeeper’ to sex (the woman) and the other party the ‘pursuer’ (the man). This has informed toxic dialogue around sex in media, the arts, movies we watch, in every single avenue we encounter (just think of the ‘did she put up a fight’ or ‘how far did you get’ dialogue in the 1999 movie Grease). 

Sex should not be something that is taken from women and given to or earned by men. How about both parties be on board to have sex for pleasure, fun, enjoyment and intimacy, because women and men enjoy sex. There’s nothing radical about that.


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