Health & wellbeing support

Worried about your health or feeling stressed and anxious?  Need advice to stay safe? 

Ruhama can support you to access a range of services you might need to help improve your physical, mental or sexual health.  We can provide guidance on keeping safe and staying healthy, as well as very practical things you might need such as condoms, lube or a personal alarm.  

As well as our dedicated counselling service for women affected by prostitution, we also offer support to anyone having problems with alcohol or drugs, and anyone who has experienced trauma.  Our specialist Trauma Healing Programme helps participants with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety they are experiencing and improve their coping skills and overall mental health. Find out more by talking to us.

Text REACH to 50100 for FREE, and get FREE confidential support. Or call us on 01 836 0292 today.