Hide Your Web History

If you are worried about someone finding out that you were looking at this website, and they have access to this computer or device, then you should clear your web browsing history.

A quick way to delete your browsing history is to press: Ctrl + Shift + Del 
(Hold down all three keys)

If that doesn’t work or if you need further instructions then read below…

Clearing your web history

If you’re not sure then click here to discover what web browser you’re currently using – then use the back button to return to this page and choose the relevant link below:

Click here if you’re using Internet Explorer
Click here if you’re using Google Chrome
Click here if you’re using Mozilla Firefox
Click here if you’re using Safari
Click here if you’re using an iPhone or iPad
Click here if you’re using Android phone or tablet

Private Browsing

In future you can simply enable ‘Private Browsing Mode’ before visiting the website, which will allow you to visit anonymously and will not save your web search or browsing history. For instructions click below:

How to browse in Private Mode on any web browser

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