How your donations are used

Who will my donation help? 

Your donation will go directly to our support services helping those affected by prostitution.  Learn more about the women we support by reading their stories.

How will my donation be used? 

Your donation will go directly to helping us provide our support services to women. We work hard to keep administrative costs low, availing of help from volunteers when we can so that your donation can impact as many women as possible. 

Examples of how your donation may be used:

  • o€41 covers a woman’s one to one session with a career guidance counsellor
  • €80 provides an ‘Essentials Kits’ to a woman who has been trafficked (e.g. phone, toiletries)
  • €100 provides a ‘Home Starter Kit’, full of homeware essentials for a woman entering independent accommodation
  • €150 provides essential supplies and petrol for our Outreach Van for one month. Our van offers practical and emotional support to women in street prostitution 3-4 nights per week 
  • €500 provides sponsorship for a woman to access an educational course. 

Your donations are vital to improving women’s lives 

Our support services improve and in some cases transform the lives of women who have been affected by prostitution or sex trafficking.  

On engaging with our service and discussing their immediate needs with our casework team, a woman might aim to: 

  • Enter a drug-rehabilitation programme
  • Engage in counselling
  • Exit prostitution
  • Re-connect with friends and family
  • Devise a career path plan with a career guidance counsellor
  • Work on their literacy and numerical skills via classes at Ruhama
  • Develop their education via a local course or traineeship
  • Work on their CV with Ruhama to better access the mainstream job market 
  • Participate in a work placement programme at Ruhama 

Your donations are vital to keeping our varied support services and resources available to women. 

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