Turn Off The Red Light


Ruhama was a core group member of the Turn Off The Red Light campaign group which was launched in 2011. This campaign advocated for the introduction of new legislation in Ireland to address prostitution and sex trafficking. It called on the Irish government to introduce legislation to criminalise the purchase of sexual acts. In recognition of the frequent vulnerability of those involved in prostitution, the campaign also called for the decriminalisation of prostituted persons.

An important and well documented mechanism to combat sex trafficking and reduce the harms of prostitution is to tackle the demand for paid sex with laws that target sex buyers, decriminalise those in prostitution and ensure provision of greater supports to victims.  

This campaign prompted the introduction of the new Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017 that criminalised the purchase of sex and decriminalised individuals in prostitution in Ireland. The legislation was commenced in March 2017 and there is a planned review of the law within three years. 

Read more about the campaign here.



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